Customer: Schuberg Philis

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Activities: Multiple projects. Research & Development and lead security on the customer facing web portal with multiple embedded applications. Migrated from Django monolith into Golang microservices running in Kubernetes. Together with the team we adopted important concepts like code auditing and introduced frontend JavaScript development. Furthermore we have given a git version control training to the company.

Tech talk: Go, Kubernetes, Python, Django, REST Framework, AngularJS, RequireJS, Grunt, Bootstrap, Postgres, Jenkins Enterprise, Git/Github, Chef Enterprise, CloudStack, Splunk, Linux (CentOS), zsh, vim, Jira, Confluence, Agile/SCRUM.

"Only very few IT-professionals dare to take 100% responsibility for the transparent integration and management of the entire mission critical ecosystem. That’s exactly where Schuberg Philis comes into place. Since 2003, we have helped customers solve the most complex IT-challenges."

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