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Activities: It's all about modernizing, solving 'technical debt' issues and supporting the team. Many upgrades have been done (Django, puppet). Next to my team I've also worked together with the architect of Sanoma Digital. The job was about software development and operations. My security background enabled me to continuously apply improvements during my work activities.

Tech talk: Python (PEP8) + Django 1.6 - 1.8, REST Framework 2.x - 3.x, Puppet, CentOS, haproxy, nginx, uwsgi, redis, Capistrano, Bamboo, vagrant, Galera, git/Stash, Jira, Confluence, zsh, vim, SCRUM

" is the largest online newsbrand in The Netherlands with a daily amount of 2.5 million unique visitors on the responsive site, iOS and Android apps. releases 300 news articles a day on average covering national and international affairs with specifics in politics, tech, entertainment and sports."

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